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Natasha Affolder - Associate Dean Research and International

Scholars at Allard Law demonstrate the best of rigorous, socially-aware, and innovative legal research. Our intellectual community has long been committed to disseminating outstanding research that influences scholarly, judicial, and public policy debates, that informs the development of national and international law, and that advances justice and social change. Our scholars are linked to local, national, and global communities and their research reflects this range of insight and impact.

Situated in a top-40 research university, Allard Law is proud to foster a research environment that pulls faculty, students, and visitors into collaborative and challenging research projects. Our researchers study law from within law’s wider social, economic and political context. Legal research that employs the perspectives of different disciplines, contexts and methodologies makes Allard Law an exciting and rewarding research centre. And, as you will see from the stories on this portal, research done here changes peoples’ lives.

On this site, you will find profiles of research projects, new publications and research outputs, as well as stories of how researchers from Allard Law are influencing diverse communities both near and far. This research portal is an opportunity to share some of the stories of our faculty members’ research projects, and the impact of this work. These pages celebrate the research projects done at Allard Law and the faculty researchers who make these projects happen.

Enjoy reading about the lively and rich research culture at Allard Law!

Natasha Affolder
Associate Dean Research and International
Peter A. Allard School of Law

Professor Natasha Affolder

Professor Natasha Affolder is an Associate Professor at the Allard School of Law and the Associate Dean Research and International. Her current research seeks to capture the transnationalization of environmental law and the significance of this transformation for legal scholarship, education, and practice.

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Law and Human Rights in the Global South

From June 8-10, 2015, the Peter A. Allard School of Law was the site of a unique Junior Scholar Workshop on Human Rights. Among the Workshop’s aims was the goal of better incorporating non-Western perspectives in scholarly and activist discourses and research agendas about human rights.

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Research Profile: Professor Mary Anne Bobinski

Health care law focuses on the intersection of the legal system with the vast array of challenges and new developments found in modern medicine, from new reproductive technologies to developments in neuroscience.

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Autonomous Motherhood?

From a feminist perspective, our legal system needs to find some way to acknowledge that for many reasons, some women are choosing to be single mothers.

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Refugees and Political Opinion

Professor Dauvergne argues that one of the toughest things to figure out is whether or not somebody is being persecuted because of their political opinion when they are actually not overtly engaged in a political struggle.

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